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Keeping the hispanic community connected is T-Mobile’s goal

They have the largest telephone network in the country and are seeking to further bring it closer to the Hispanic community in the United States.

by Domingo Banda

Houston.- Within the Hispanic community family unity and communication are very important topics, no matter how far they are, they always seek to keep in touch with their relatives and friends.

Maintaining contact with those special beings who have stayed in their country of origin is a priority for most of our people.

Taking the phone and communicating with those who live there is part of the daily lives of immigrants, and having access to cheap telephone or text message services shortens the distance between them. 

Mobile Phone companies like T-Mobile know well about the needs of our people and over the years have sought to present options for those who rely on calls and text messages to be connected with their relatives in other countries.

“We know our world is here and there, which is why we have to give connectivity benefits as good as here in the country where we have the largest and fastest 5G network in the United States,” says Diego Osuna, T-Mobile’s Senior Marketing Manager.

“We also have relatives, family or business that we have to run all over Latin America, so those connectivity benefits are so beneficial to all our consumers,” he adds.

That’s why this company offers affordable international call plans with the Stateside International Talk program. If they have this plan, families can get unlimited international calls to more than 70 countries, including many of Latin America, for just $20 a month.

This plan allows those living on this side of the border to stay connected with their loved ones in other countries.

“Before, international calls were very expensive and when one made them we always tried to take less time. When making international calls we tend to worry, but now with our services we can reach those 70 countries that we cover.”

Added to that, Osuna said that at the same cost all members of the family that are on the same plan can make international calls without worrying about extra costs.

Holidays or emergency

Traveling abroad is also a common practice among Hispanics, who for holidays or emergencies sometimes have to travel to another country, but always seek to be informed of what is happening here at home. That’s why having good coverage is important and if it’s free of extra cost  that is an added value.

“The connectivity we have with Mexico and Canada is important to us. Using the phone as if they were in the United States from anywhere, it was one of the first moves we made and from there we continued to build,” Osuna emphasizes.

Nowadays, being in other  countries and calling back to the United States is very easy, but the thing not for there, T-Mobile, has already expanded its coverage and if you go to Latin America, you can enjoy the same benefits.

“If you travel through 21 countries in Latin America, from the Dominican Republic or if you are in Argentina, Brazil or Colombia, anywhere, you will receive the benefits whether you are on our Go5G Next or Go5g Plus plans. You will receive a large amount of high-speed data so they can use their phone there as if you were here in the United States at no extra cost.”

It adds that you do not need to have a local SIM card to use your devices.

Consular ID

Hispanics are an example of family unity, always looking to communicate, T-Mobile recognizes that, so it has sought the way that more people have the opportunity to have their phone lines.

“The Latino families always want everyone to have coverage and that’s why we have made efforts to reduce the barriers to becoming a customer of T-Mobile.”

With this in mind, they have been working on changes that will allow more people to approach and get their phone lines.

“One of the important initiatives this past year has been the introduction of consular identification  as a document for them to review the credit and see if they can qualify for post-payment  offers and we have also added student visa and work permit as valid IDs and IDs of any U.S. state,” Osuna explains.

With these guidelines, migrants also not only benefit from the services of T-Mobile’s extensive coverage, they can even build credit that will benefit them in other aspects of their lives.

“We have a program where you can enter T-Mobile with pre-paid service and if after a certain type of payments on time, which is 9 months, they immediately graduate after payment and is an excellent way to build credit in the United States for newcomers.”

We have to highlight that they offer bilingual services with Spanish-speaking agents available if you seek information by telephone at 1844-485-2986. In local stores, Spanish service has also been a priority for T-Mobile.

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